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Garage Door’s

Finding it hard to open your garage door? A simple tweak may do the trick and will prevent you to cost a little extra for a garage door opener repair. Before you take hold of your telephone, here are some drills you can try on your garage door and after your effort and still won’t budge, Or call the expert in Garage door repair Essex.

Trick # 1: Know your Garage Door First

You may not know it but you have an emergency release cord at the side of your garage door, by closing your garage door and pulling the cord you will see if it opens and closes manually and smoothly. If there are no movement after releasing the cord there is a chance that the problem will be on the tracks, rollers or springs of your door rather than the opener.

Trick # 2: Play Safe

When you are about to work on your garage door make sure that you pulled it down, chances are that once you pull the emergency release cord and the problem of your garage door is a broken spring, your door that are in raised position may come crashing down, endangering you or anyone near you in the process. It is best that you unplug your opener as it will prevent you or your unsuspecting wife to cause you a finger as she accidentally pushed the remote button of your garage opener. Worst case scenario is that you get electrocuted in the middle of your work, which you will not be able to blame to your wife.

Knowing what to do with your garage door opener will save a great amount of money although there are some matters that require an expert. If you think that the problem can be done domestically then have a look and start working but in case of a more serious problem, asking for a professional might be required…. For more details please call us on: (978) 226-1612.