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Commercial Springs Replace

Our goal is to offer you specialized services that you need and get your work done professionally. Essex Garage Door Repair is different because:

  • We offer a lifetime warranty.
  • You can be available weekend and evening services without extra charges
  • Our services are fully insured.
  • We are 24/7 available via phone, and our real representative will solve your problem

We offer both extension and torsion springs; therefore, you can order any one or both types as per your needs. Torsion springs are directly located above the door, and the extension system in the spring run parallel to the track. We have experts and tools to repair both types of systems in on a visit. We always carry torsion.

Essex Spring Repair

Essex follows the best practices of industry to repair spring. For your information, there is a preview of our spring repair practice:

Replace Both Springs

Some garage doors are designed with two springs for durability. If one spring breaks, it is an indication that the other is going to follow the first one. The age of both springs is same because both bear same pressure and opened for the same number of times; therefore, pay attention to the both springs. Repairing the both springs at the same time will help you to save time and service fee. It is also important for safety and mechanical perspective to repair both springs at the same time.



Use Right Springs

We have different types and sizes of garage door springs. We will match the correct spring by the size and weight of the door. We know that it is impossible to balance a garage door without correct spring. It is essential for the life and safety of your garage door system and door opener. Your garage door opener will always tell you if the door is fixed right by its balance test and performance.

Safety Inspection

With every repair, we offer a free safety inspection to ensure the right functioning and balance of your garaged door. We will ensure either your garage door meets safety standards and detect any worn-out part of your garage door. Spring failure can be a symptom of a major problem in your door; therefore, we will provide a free safety inspection to maintain a safe environment for our clientele.

Note: We always use corrosion free springs with weather resistant features and our name on them